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Pearl Party! Have you heard of them? Although these types of parties are gaining momentum on social media, this short post has nothing to do with pearl parties, but the pearls themselves.

Did you know that Tahitian pearls are not actually found in Tahiti but rather in French Polynesia? Tahitian pearls are the only pearls that are naturally “black”, rather than dyed like other pearls. They come in several shades of colors and four distinct shapes. Most commonly seen is the round pearl. Nature’s ability to provide these stunning pearls allows companies, like Kawai Alii Designs, to use and personalize these pearls in jewelry.


Kawai Alii Designs is a small business which specializes in creating beautiful handcrafted jewelry using Tahitian pearls. They also offer custom and personalized metal work for individual design. The dedication and craftsmanship that the owner, Ashley, has put into every piece she works on is remarkable. Ashley’s expertise in jewelry making and metal works allows her to have an edge in this industry and helps her to stand out from the others.


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Check out Kawai Alii Designs and let Ashley create something beautiful for you or your special someone.

What are you waiting for? Christmas is just a few short months away. Don’t let it sneak up and catch you unprepared. Order something that is genuine, unique and specially made from Hawaii for you.

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